Scalarea White

White, dry wine


Vidiano & Athiri


Each variety is picked at the peak of its maturity and vinified separately. After fermentation, the wine remains on the fine lees which are stirred regularly (battonage) to add to the body and depth of the wine.


Bright and clear white-yellow color. It is pleasantly aromatic, mainly with notes of white fruit such as pear, melon and grapefruit. Full very soft and velvety body, rich, well balanced. Its characteristic is the lasting buttery aftertaste in combination with the characteristic aroma of Vidiano.

Food Pairing

Perfect with horiatiki” salad with barley “dakos” and capers, “skiufihta” pasta, grilled sardines with tomatoes and spices, octopus marinated in vinegar, large grilled fish, “adikristo” lamb and Sfakian soft cheese pie with honey.

Serving Temperature