White, dry wine


Chardonnay & Assyrtiko


Each variety of the Scalarea Estate, is picked and vinified separately, depending on the maturity of the grapes. Following a strict selection, they are blended in order to create the best wine for the vintage.


Bright and clear white-yellow color. It is generously fragrant and focuses on a completely floral character of honeysuckle, orange and violet flowers while at the same time it displays fruity notes of melon and white-flesh peach. Full-bodied, rich, well balanced with high acidity and alcohol combined perfectly with light minerality. It has a long floral aftertaste.

Food Pairing

Perfect with aromatic salads, boiled or steamed vegetables and appetizers, such as dolmades gialantzi (rice stuffed vine leaves), zucchini flowers, fish and seafood dishes. Also, combines beautifully with white meats and smoked cheeses, like Metsovone.

Serving Temperature